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Who Are We?




Culture Change


 Your team, the providers, leaders, and support staff, really IS your biggest asset and opportunity to  succeed.  Unfortunately, less than 30% of the team is actively engaged in the success of the practice.  About 50% are bystanders and 20% are actively working AGAINST your success.  Independent  doctors are passionate about medicine and don’t have the focus and expertise to change this.


 Your team is your biggest expense and risk to success.  The average cost of turnover per employee  is 23% of their annual salary. This leads to increased overhead, more mistakes, and less time to focus  on the most important priorities.  When a provider turns over the impact is even greater.  We will  partner with you to measurably improve your turnover.


 An engaged team will join you in the fight to stay independent. They will improve your efficiency and  reduce the mistakes.  An engaged team will delight your patients.  We will partner with you to train  you and your leadership team to measurably improve your engagement.
 The quest for increased revenue can take an independent practice down undesirable paths.  Many  choose to work longer hours, increase their overhead, or partner with questionable companies.  But  there is a better more sustainable path.
Reducing Expenses



 Once we understand your culture and your business, we can identify opportunities and solutions that  fit your practice. This knowledge of your unique culture and business opportunities will allow us to  select the areas that make the biggest, positive impact.


 LIFT not only brings your opportunities to reduce expenses, but also designates the order, expected  effort, or change required,  and expected return.  Often, a major savings area requires multiple steps  beforehand to create a high probability of success. We make the pathway clear.


 We focus on results.  


 We work with your team, negotiate with outside vendors, remove hurdles, and communicate the  progress to ensure the results for the short-term and the long-term.

Growing Revenue


 We implement solutions that are ethical and make a tangible difference to the practice and its  patients. We search out and partner with ethical companies that provide high quality medical  solutions.  Do you have a company that sounds promising? We will provide due diligence by  researching their reputation, investigating their processes, people, and solutions, and compare these  with your company values.


 No surprises, just results.  

 Whether it is a fully functional, compliant, and profitable in-office lab or a comprehensive allergy  testing and immunotherapy clinic that provides high-quality healthcare, lower costs, and greater  convenience than an allergist can provide, Lift will execute a solution.

Where Do We Start?

We Start with a Short 

Phone Call

We seek to understand you first.

Your practice is unique.

Your solutions and the order of implementations should also be unique.

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